Mixtape B Side

6 Individual Pouches
125ml – 15%-26% ABV

If you’re having a tough time choosing which cocktails to go for, get stuck into these chart-toppers.

Put your hands up for the second half of the Boxtails collection – although there’s nothing second-best about these bangers. Sip on an Espresso Martini, mix it up with a fruity Blood Orange Martini or spin some 24-carat magic with a Gold Lychee Martini, complete with real suspended gold created in our top-secret kitchen. This is a mega-mix we can get on board with.

We’ll bring the drinks. You bring the bops. Oh alright – we’ll bring the bops too. [link to playlist]

Strawberry Daiquiri (1 x 125ml Pouches)
Pump up the volume and sip on this fruity, tangy, ready-to-pour cocktail, packed with real strawberry juice and Mexican lime juice.

Espresso Martini (1 x 125ml Pouches)
If it’s sophistication you’re after, this rich coffee flavour with a sweet hit of vanilla is the real deal.

Bramble (1 x 125ml Pouches)
The perfect pick for a very British garden party. We’re talking generous helpings of locally-distilled gin, shaken up with blackberry and raspberry.

English Garden (1 x 125ml Pouches)
Gather your friends and kick back with a refreshing gin cocktail. Sharp and sweet tastes of apple and elderflower, cooling cucumber, zesty citrus, and a minty note.

Blood Orange Mojito (1 x 125ml Pouches)
Bring the Cuban party, but make it fruity. Unleash your salsa moves and sip on the sweet and zesty flavour of blood orange, partnered up with mint and Mexican lime juice.

Gold Lychee Martini (1 x 125ml Pouches)
Sip on the sweet, perfumed taste of lychee and its floral fragrance, all mixed up with top-quality vodka. Party with the cocktail glitterati.

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