Be a social butterfly. But one with cocktails.

This Italian aperitif does not have time for fruit juice. Savour the sharp, botanical flavours of Campari, vermouth, and locally-distilled gin. It’s bitter, it’s strong, it’s a classic. Now, use the time you would have spent mixing cocktails to catch up with pals.

Tea parties are lovely. But they won’t cut it after this last year.

Tasting Notes
Bitter, sharp, botanical

The Perfect Serve
1. Serve on the rocks in a tumbler, then stir.
2. Garnish with a slice of orange.

Top tip!
Add a 25ml shot of mezcal to make it smoky.

Individual Pouches
125ml – 26% ABV

A mixed alcoholic cocktail with
Angostura bitters with gin, vermouth and Campari.

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