Passionfruit Martini

Got passion fruit in your glass and ain’t afraid to show it?

If your cocktail delivery needs something fruity and a little bit classy, better make it a Passionfruit Martini. Let the sweet, juicy flavour of passion fruit and vanilla dance around, before a kick of Mexican lime juice hits the dance floor. This classic tipple is made with high-quality vodka distilled locally in Somerset, all mixed up and ready to pour.

We’ll have ours shaken, not stirred.

Tasting Notes
Passion fruit, sweet, citrus

The Perfect Serve
1. Shake with ice and double strain into a martini glass.
2. Garnish with half a passion fruit.

Top tip!
Add 50ml of prosecco to make a pornstar martini.

Individual Pouches
125ml – 15% ABV

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