Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Ready to turn up the heat? This classic tequila cocktail has got the right moves if you like your cocktails spicy and full of citrus flavour. Chilli and jalapeño are burning up the dance floor, joined by the warming taste of tequila and a sweet zing of lime juice from Veracruz State, Mexico. This fire starter gives a medium heat – comfortable for spice aficionados, and plenty of kick for milder tastes.

Just chill, pour, and spice up your social life.

Tasting Notes
Warming, citrus, spicy

The Perfect Serve
1. Serve on the rocks in a tumbler, then stir.
2. Garnish with the top half of a chilli pepper.

Top tip!
Blend with ice to make it extra fresh.

Individual Pouches
125ml – 15% ABV

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