Rum With It

6 Individual Pouches
125ml – 15% ABV


Need some Caribbean spirit to pep up your party?

Fiesta on the beach. Cocktail hour at home. Salsa in the living room. Whatever your vibe, nothing gets things moving like ready-to-pour cocktails that are fruity, juicy, and full of top-quality Caribbean rum. Kick things into gear with a Mai Tai, a juicy beauty that rums the world. If you’re in the mood for another fruity tipple, help yourself to a Strawberry Daiquiri packed with our own real strawberry juice creation, then sip on a minty Mojito before the night is over.

Pump up the volume, cook up a feast, or sit back and dream of palm trees.

Mai Tai (2 x 125ml Pouches)
It’s summer every day when you’re sipping on juicy orange, Mexican lime juice, and a hint of almond. But what makes a Mai Tai so blinkin’ delicious? A liberal serving of Caribbean rum.

Strawberry Daiquiri (2 x 125ml Pouches)
Sip on this fruity, tangy, ready-to-pour cocktail, packed with real strawberry juice and Mexican lime juice.

Mojito (2 x 125ml Pouches)
There’s nothing like a zesty Mojito to quench your thirst. A zing of Mexican lime juice gets your hips moving, and a hint of mint is just the right ingredient for a mambo.

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