Sample One

6 Individual Pouches
125ml – 15%-26% ABV

Fancy a bit of everything? Grab some buddies, put on your dancing shoes, and hit shuffle.

This SixMix box is one half of our selection, and it’s the perfect place to find the pre-mixed cocktail you want to put on repeat. Will you be tuning in to the sweet and fruity Passionfruit Martini? Or busting moves to a fresh, zingy Blood Orange Mojito? You’ll find six different drinks in your cocktail delivery, and they’re all ready to pour – no messing around with blenders, juicers, or shakers.

Blood Orange Mojito (1 x 125ml Pouches)
Unleash your salsa moves and sip on the sweet and zesty flavour of blood orange, partnered up with mint and Mexican lime juice.

Passionfruit Martini (1 x 125ml Pouches)
Something fruity and a little bit classy. Let the sweet, juicy flavour of passionfruit and vanilla dance around, before a kick of Mexican lime juice hits the dance floor.

Cosmopolitan (1 x 125ml Pouches)
Cranberry juice with Mexican lime juice, vodka and Cointreau.

Raspberry Mint Collins (1 x 125ml Pouches)  NEW
A cloudy pink cocktail with raspberry and mint flavour.

Bramble (1 x 125ml Pouches)
Welcome aboard your flight to sugary, floral flavours with a hint of violet sweets from childhood birthday parties. A classic mix of cherry, violet, and high-quality gin.

Mojito (1 x 125ml Pouches)
There’s nothing like a zesty Mojito to quench your thirst. A zing of Mexican lime juice gets your hips moving, and a hint of mint is just the right ingredient for a mambo.

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