Sample Three

6 Individual Pouches
125ml – 15%-26% ABV

3 that’s the magic number! Turn it up loud with this great selection.

Coming in 3rd but definitely not last is the jaw dropping and taste bud popping cocktail collection that is the Sample Three! Some say 3 is a crowd, we call it a party 🙂

Blood Orange Mojito (1 x 125ml Pouches)
Unleash your salsa moves and sip on the sweet and zesty flavour of blood orange, partnered up with mint and Mexican lime juice.

Old Fashioned (1 x 125ml Pouches)
Settle down with this pre-mixed whisky cocktail, full of deep smoky flavours, a hint of bitters, and a touch of toffee.

Gimlet (1 x 125ml Pouches)
Pull up a seat next to Gatsby, and party with this jazzy duo of gin and Mexican lime. It’s sweet, refreshing, and zinging with citrus.

English Garden (1 x 125ml Pouches)
Gather your friends and kick back with a refreshing gin cocktail. Sharp and sweet tastes of apple and elderflower, cooling cucumber, zesty citrus, and a minty note.

Bramble (1 x 125ml Pouches)
Welcome aboard your flight to sugary, floral flavours with a hint of violet sweets from childhood birthday parties. A classic mix of cherry, violet, and high-quality gin.

Rhubarb Gin (1 x 125ml Pouches)
Step aside custard, because this rhubarb is destined for a ready-to-pour cocktail, all mixed up with locally-distilled gin and Sicilian lemon juice, carefully chosen for its flavour profile.

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