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Bar-quality Cocktails, served in seconds.

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All of our Cocktails come in 125ml single serve pouches


All of our alcoholic cocktails are a minimum of 12% ABV


We are able to deliver trade orders within 24 hours


Boxtails gives retailers the opportunity to generate GP margins of >70%

Bars & Restaurants

Not only do we use premium ingredients in all of our cocktails, but they are all premixed allowing bars and restaurants to save time and reduce waste. All you need to do is shake, pour and serve.


Our cocktails make the perfect addition to both small and large retail outlets. Our innovative pouch packaging means Boxtails don’t take up much space on the shelves or in the fridge.

Festivals & Events

Our cocktails are the perfect drink for festival-goers. Not only are they easy to transport they are quick to serve meaning we remove the hassle from offering premium cocktails at busy events.


Whether you are celebrating the end of a working week with Friday drinks, stocking up for client events or arranging virtual cocktail evenings, our cocktails are a brilliant option to help elevate your evenings.

Weddings & Parties

Boxtails provide cocktails for weddings and events up and down the country. Cocktails can be served to guests or we can provide them as gift boxes for guests to take away.


Glass-free, compact packaging means Boxtails are sought-after by travel operators with space restrictions (airlines, marine, rail) wanting to offer epic cocktails to their passengers.

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Boxtails are partnered with some of the best brands in the UK