7 Pre-Mixed Cocktails to Get Your Beach Party Started

Grab your beach ball and head for the sand – these are the ultimate ready-to-drink cocktails to pump up your party.

This year, your beach party might be a little more Hastings than Havana, a little more Blackpool than Barbados, or a little more Plymouth than Playa Rincón. But since when did that stop us? All you need is a stock of pre-mixed cocktails, a few pals, and a healthy dose of sunshine.

Want a few pointers on which summer drinks to serve? Here’s our top choice of letterbox cocktails for your very British beach party, perfect for bringing a little Caribbean spirit.

1. Classic Mojito

There’s nothing like a Classic Mojito to make you feel like you’re on a Cuban beach. It’s a zesty blend of lime, mint, and Caribbean rum, with fresh vibes that will have you doing the cha-cha-cha. If you really want to impress, mix it up with lime wedges and mint leaves.

2. Pink Margarita

If a Mexican fiesta is your thing, then pour out the Pink Margaritas. When it comes to beach party cocktails, it’s hard to beat this blend of tequila and lime, with its sharp, citrus flavours. To really channel Mexico, grab a little salt and lime to level up your ready-to-pour margaritas. Viva la fiesta!


3. Passionfruit Martini

In the mood for a pre-mixed vodka cocktail? This fruity number is just the thing. Turn up the party with this mix of juicy passion fruit, Mexican lime, and vanilla, all mixed up with high-quality vodka for a sweet and citrus treat. If you’re celebrating, crack open a bottle of Prosecco and turn your Passionfruit Martini into a pornstar martini.

4. Blood Orange Mojito

Like we said, a Classic Mojito is hard to beat. But if you want a fresh spin, try sipping on a Blood Orange Mojito full of juicy, citrus flavours. It’s all the lime, mint, and Caribbean rum deliciousness that you’d expect from a mojito, but with an added bonus squeeze of tangy blood orange. Just add a few summer tunes, and you’ll be mixing up your mambo moves on the sand.

5. Strawberry Daiquiri

If British summertime had a taste, you can bet it would be strawberry. This smooth concoction of strawberries, lime, and Caribbean rum is perfect for a hot day by the sea, and it tastes even better when you haven’t had to put in the hard work yourself. If you’ve ever tried juicing strawberries on the beach, you’ll know it’s a sandy nightmare. Much safer to let us do the hard work for you, and stock up with a ready-made cocktail delivery. Fewer bottles to lug to the beach, more time to spend with your friends.

6. Mai Tai

Pour out a Mai Tai, and you might just imagine you’re on a tropical beach. It’s a sweet and fruity glass full of lime, orange, and almond flavours – and most importantly, Caribbean rum. The sand beneath your toes, a ready-to-drink Mai Tai, and the salty sea air. What could be better?

7. Tequila Sunset

There’s no better way to watch the sun go down, than with a Tequila Sunset in your hand and your favourite people by your side. This classic cocktail is full of smoky, sharp flavours, thanks to lime, blood orange, and grapefruit, and the magic ingredient – tequila. It’s the closest we’re going to get to Mexico right now, but it’s still a pretty great place to be.

Ready to party? Head to our cocktail shop to pick up your letterbox drinks, then get yourself down to the beach.