Celebrating Eurovision in Style

The UK has the honour of hosting Eurovision on behalf of Ukraine this year. Let’s face it, it’s Eurovision and it might be a while before we get to host again so it’s the perfect time to celebrate everything Eurovision whether you’re a hardened fan or a curious newbie.

Whether you’re lucky enough to bag a Liverpool hotel room or are planning to watch it at home with friend, we’ve got some great ideas to make your Eurovision weekend go off with a bang.

Heading to Liverpool?

If you’re heading up to Liverpool for the festivities, and you’ve not been able to bag a ticket to the main event, don’t worry as you’ll still be able to soak up the festival atmosphere for the weekend.

We’ve got same day delivery of our bar quality cocktails so if you’re making your mind up about what to wear or where to watch the big event, you can still enjoy a great cocktail while you’re looking for a little bit more.

Eurovision party at home

Gather your friends for all kinds of everything at your home Eurovision party. You’re going to want to grab the party snacks for energy as the event starts at 8pm and voting goes on until midnight.

While most of the entertainment is from Graham Norton’s acerbic commentary, you can still gamefiy the night with score cards of your favourite (or most ridiculous) act. Lordi there are some funny moments every year.

And you’ll want to keep your guests topped up with drinks for the night. Our party boxes will keep the fun flowing no matter how the UK entry performs on the night. They have between 12 and 32 individual cocktails, perfect for the Eurovision party.

Plan for the voting downtime

Made it to the end of the song entries? Congratulations. Before you feel the euphoria of finding out if your favourite entry has won, you’ll need to keep your guests entertained through the voting section.

Of course, when the votes come in there’s always chance to shout at the TV for the politics and decisions you disagree with. And then watch the viewer vote change the leaderboard. But until that point, you’ve got a bit of downtime to fill.

Eurovision likes to put on a fancy stage show. You can fill it with a quick party game or quiz. Or do a bit of cocktail tasting. Maybe even combine them both and make a game of doing blind cocktail tasting?

Whatever you decide, it’s good to keep energy up for the last section of the show.

End of the night

Whether you’re favourite entry has won or taken home nil points, we hope you’ve had a ding-a-dong night and AB-bout to enjoy it all again next year.

We’re sure the Eurovision love will shine a light on your party and all you need to do now is tidy up. But maybe leave that job until tomorrow?