Cocktails drinks for Easter lunch that your guests will love

With Easter Sunday right around the corner and a glorious long weekend ahead, we’ve got the best cocktail drinks for Easter lunch that will pair delightfully with you lamb (or vegan option).

Easter is a great time to get together with friends and family. You’ve got four days off work, it’s normally hotting up nicely and those lighter nights are creeping in. Plus, you get to have chocolate for breakfast, a roast for lunch and more chocolate for dinner - so what’s not to love?

We’ve brought you the best cocktail drinks for hosting your Easter dinner (and they’ll go nicely with that egg you have leftover in the fridge later).

Easter Cocktail Ideas

Firstly, you want to keep your Easter cocktail choices light. You’ll be serving up a stunning roast with all the trimmings so you want drinks that go with the food.

Start light with an English Garden. This quintessentially British gin cocktail makes a great welcome for your guests. If you’re putting out some nibbles, olives and bar snacks make great finger food while you’re putting the finishing touches on the roast.

The great thing about Boxtails is that you can serve as your guests arrive without taking time to grab all the ingredients and mix each individual drink. This means you can concentrate on cooking the roast and entertaining.

Plus, if you’re the kind of chef that likes to make sure all the pans in the kitchen get a go, a bar-quality, pre mixed drink will save space for your creativity.

Easter Roast Cocktails

When it comes to the main event, you want to treat your guests like it’s Christmas but with chocolate not gifts. Here, you want a nice classic to go with your roast lamb or vegan option.

All of our cocktails are vegan-friendly so you don’t need to worry about checking the ingredients. Simply pour, garnish and serve. The selection of cocktail drinks for Easter lunch will make your Sunday swing.

We recommend serving a Negroni before you serve your starter. As a classic Italian aperitif, it is the perfect way to kick off any special meal. And it looks impressive with its deep red colour and warm taste. A negroni is meant to be enjoyed slow with the deep flavour of mezcal warming your guests up for the amazing food they’re about to eat.

When it comes to your main, try a Blood Orange Mojito for a dramatic serve. This juicy little number will look great with your trimmings and keep the conversation flowing. The fruity addition of blood orange will complement the Easter roast that you’re serving while also saving space for dessert.

The Blood Orange Mojito will also keep your palate refreshed for further courses and the mint will help with digestion.

After dinner drinks

Two Espresso Martinis

There is only one after dinner serve that you need this Easter: the Espresso Martini.

Whether you’re serving up more chocolate, a cheese board or a spring time fruit dessert, adding an Espresso Martini makes an ideal end to the meal. This classic cocktail will put your guests in the mood to take the party further into the night and since you don’t have to get up for work tomorrow, it would be a shame to waste the perfect Easter Sunday.

Need more Easter cocktail inspo?

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