Raise Your Cocktail Serving Game

Hey flavour connoisseur! Want to serve the perfect cocktail? Walk this way…

If you do nothing more than chill, shake, and pour your letterbox cocktails, you’re still going to have a delicious drink. But sometimes, you want a little more, and you don’t need an online cocktail making class to make that happen. Here are our top tips for extra flair that will have you serving cocktails like a boss.

The perfect serve

First things first, check out our Perfect Serve tips when your cocktail delivery arrives. If you prefer your drink served a different way, then you do you. It’s your party!

Chill your glasses

Want your drinks to get that dewy, refreshing look that professional mixologists seem to achieve? Pop your cocktail glasses in the fridge before you serve your drinks, and before long they’ll be sparkling with condensation. If you’re running short of time and you simply must have that Cosmopolitan right now, we’ve got your back. Just fill your glass with ice and water, give it a stir, and pop it to one side while you shake up your cocktail. Pour away your ice-water combo, then get down to cocktail-drinking business.

No cocktail shaker?

No sweat! Pop your cocktail in a jar and fill it with ice, leaving a little room at the top for the perfect shake. As well as mixing your drink, you want to aerate it. When you’re ready to serve, grab a sieve to act as a strainer, and pour, pour, pour.

Pour like a pro

Always leave a half-centimetre gap between the top of the drink and the rim of the glass. If you want the technical term, it’s called the service line. This little gap lets the aromas gather, so when you sip on your pre-mixed cocktail you’ll inhale all those beautiful flavours. More passion in your Passionfruit Martini. More zest in your Pink Margarita. More woo! in your Strawberry WooWoo. We promise, this is going to make your drink taste even better.

Can’t find crushed ice?

Here’s our secret – crushing ice yourself is about as much fun as you can have, especially after a hard day fighting with the office photocopier, again. What even is toner?! Pop some ice in a freezer bag, then use a rolling pin to smash it to smithereens. Hey, why not blast out some tunes and smash to the beat?

Feeling fruity!

If your fruit bowl’s housing a sad looking orange or a lonely apple, then don’t go reaching for the compost bin just yet. Slice up your leftover fruit, put it on a baking tray, and pop it in the oven on a low heat. Turn the slices over every half hour until they’ve dried. Not only are you reducing food wastage (well done you), but your dried fruit is going to look sensational in a cocktail.

Up the drama

We’ve saved the best till last. An Old Fashioned on the rocks is great, but have you tried serving it over an ice boulder? To make one, just fill a balloon with water until it’s around the same size as the opening of the glass. Pop it in the freezer, then peel away the balloon when you’re ready. This doesn’t just look mega impressive, it’s also a great way to stop your delicious cocktail becoming too diluted, as it melts more slowly than ice cubes. Try this party trick in any cocktail that’s usually served in a tumbler. We’ll start with a Gimlet, please!

And that’s it! Now all that’s left to do is order your tipple of choice, and get those ready-to-drink cocktails in your hands. Cheers!